Thank you for taking an interest in helping us at the Great British Sewing Bee Live 2017 at Excel London. We will be manning a stall for four days and are looking for volunteers to help us. This is a quick form to help us understand what you can commit to and to help you understand what is involved...
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Now a little bit about what is happening.
The Great British Sewing Bee Live is a large event at Excel London. It is on for four days from 21st - 24th September. 
Morsbags have a Stand and need your help!
The stand will have approximately 4-6 new sewing machines from Janome and will be allowing the general public to come and have a go, whilst at the same time educate those involved about morsbags itself.
It is a great opportunity to spread the word and we need people to help with all the above! *

Please tick all the following to show us you understand that....

Which days are you available for - tick all that apply. *

Select all that you are able to make even if you can only come for one day - we'll ask you how many days you can do next.

Of the days you are available, how many days can you commit to? *

How many 'kits' could you bring with you? *

Kits are pre cut and ironed morsbags ready to be sewn. It would be amazing for you to bring some with you to help us share to the public sewing with us (we supply the labels).
Do you own a morsbags t-shirt? *

We used to sell t-shirts on the site but no longer do. If you have one please bring it with you and select 'I have one already', if no then please let us know your size...

Thank you for your interest. We will crunch the answers later and get back to you all with a proposed schedule of who, when and what.

If your dates change or you wish to tell us anything else then please email us at

More about the show here:

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